Bat Control

You can trust the team at The Critter Gitters to remove all bats and get the job done the first time with a 3-year warranty!

Bats are a protected species and are not allowed to be killed. The Critter Gitters use one-way door systems to remove bats from homes and buildings, allowing bats to leave but not return.

Prior to our one-way door systems being installed, we complete indepth bat proofing of the structure. Bats can fit through gaps in homes and buildings as small as 3/8" tall by 2" width. These potential entry points are extremely important to be sealed off prior to removal.

Bat Control

Behavior of Bats

Every night bats take breaks while feeding and roost in many different nooks and crannies around homes and buildings. While roosting bats commonly investigate crevices leaking airflow from the structure. Once bats have found entry points, they will go into these areas such as in attics or wall cavities.

Bats will move around underneath insulation all winter long in homes and buildings to maintain warm enough temperatures for survival during hibernation. Over time bat colonies can get out of control and create extremely dangerous piles of urine and feces.

Did You Know? Bat removals are discouraged between June 1st and August 15th due to the female bats raising young that are unable to leave the roost nightly to feed with the adult bats. If bats were to be removed during this period, the baby bats would be left behind and not likely to survive.

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