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Effective bird solutions for your business or home.

Whether you’re bothered by starlings, sparrows, pigeons, crows, or other birds, we can help you! We offer effective solutions to help keep the birds away from your commercial, industrial and residential properties.

Bird Control

Importance of Bird Control

Health Risk
Bird droppings and their debris are known to carry transmittable diseases including Salmonella.

Damage to Property
Bird droppings can cause damage and erosion to building materials which can lead to costly repairs.

Potential Liability Risk
Birds that congregate, leave droppings, feathers and debris which can be messy and become hazardous with potential liability risks.

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Eliminate Birds from nesting and roosting under your covered canopy for 10 years!

Birds nesting and roosting under your boat lift canopy?

Let's solve your bird problem!

10 Year Warranty

The Critter Gitters is an authorized Bird-B-Gone product installer. We deliver not only quality products, but our skilled installation team is trained and qualified to handle the most difficult projects.


Our solution to birds nesting and roasting under boat lift canopies is a low profile, professional looking bird netting. The bird netting we install is the most durable the industry offers. The netting is tightly stretched and fastened with high quality crimps to a series of different cables that run through specialized brackets. After completion, this finished product is in place and ready for 10 years of whatever nature throws at it. No need for removal each season.

This 3D image allows you to pan around to view the product installed under the canopy.

Below is a slideshow of bird netting on a boat lift canopy.

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